Corporate Information

Corporate Information

About Us

PT Valbury Asia Futures (VAF) is a member of the Valbury Group that focuses on providing clients in Indonesia with premier financial services in the futures market such as foreign exchange, stock indices futures and commodities.

Here are five quick facts about VAF:

  • Established in 1999, VAF has consistently provided powerful and innovative suite of platforms, products and services to give individual and institutional clients instant and reliable access to the global financial markets.
  • Headquartered in Jakarta, VAF further extends its reach through supporting offices in nine other major cities in Indonesia to provide premier and custom tailored approach and trading solutions to each individual client.
  • VAF is committed to providing the highest quality technology as highlighted by its multi-environment, user-friendly online trading platform as well as the use of Thomson Reuters information terminals in all of its offices.
  • VAF’s expertise is derived from specialized, multinational staff of well over a hundred employees, who are dedicated to serving a client base spread across Indonesia and its surrounding countries. 
  • Clients can access market research and analysis from VAF Research Team as well as renowned external sources. This information is supplemented by streamed newsfeeds from world-renowned providers and delivered straight to your inbox. 

Why Trade With US

Outstanding Services

In addition to a Financial Consultant who serves your trading needs, Clients are also supported by dedicated local Client Support Teams that stand ready 24hours a day, Monday till Saturday.

SMS or Whatsapp notification of market breaking news, price movements as well as other trading related matters direct to Client’s mobile phones.

Access to the latest report on market conditions, economics, politics and market-breaking events. Our Research Department is staffed by experienced professionals that are highly regarded in the industry and have been numerously featured in reputable Indonesia publications and media such as Bisnis Indonesia, Investor Daily, Kontan, and Metro TV.

Cutting-edge Technology

Intuitive and user-friendly, the universally recognized MetaTrader 4 allows Clients to choose between its Java-based application with powerful features that are fully customizable, or its mobile application that enables you to trade anywhere, anytime.

To help you further, our MetaTrader4-compatible Expert Advisor, Trade Wizard, will inform you on the best entry and exit points into the market, simplifying your trading process and research.

Privileged Market Access

VAF accommodates all clients with competitive bid/ask spreads, starting from 2 pip G5 currency pairs and 5 pips for Indices Futures under normal market conditions, irrespective of order size, with minimum execution costs.

Regulatory Oversight

As a member of the Jakarta Futures Exchange, PT Valbury Asia Futures operates in a tightly regulated environment under the regulatory oversight of BAPPEBTI  (Badan Pengawas Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditi/Commodity Futures Regulatory Agency). Clients’ funds are safely deposited in designated Segregated Accounts and monitored by the Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House.

The following is a snapshot of VAF’s legal and regulatory standings:

  • Member of the Jakarta Futures Exchange [ BBJ ] - SPAB-046/BBJ/06/02
  • Licensed Futures Brokerage Firm [ BAPPEBTI ] - 184/BAPPEBTI/SI/II/2003
  • Member of the Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House [ KBI ] – 13/AK-KBI/III/2003
  • Licensed agreement Alternative Trading System - 1147/BAPPEBTI/ SP/3/2007
  • Member of Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange [ ICDX ] -
    License No: 015/SPKB/ICDX/DIR/IV/2010
  • Member of Indonesia Clearing House [ICH] - License No: 020/SPKK/ISI-VAF/XII/2011

Our Award / Achievement

Our Award / Achievement

Best Futures Brokerage 2012 for the category of Best Financial Performance

Investor Magazine 2012

Our Award / Achievement

Highest Transaction Volume for Bilateral Products

Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) 2013

Our Award / Achievement

Highest Transaction Volume for Bilateral Products

Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) 2014


Our Award / Achievement

Highest Transaction Volume for Bilateral Produtcs

Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) 2015

“PT Valbury Asia Futures, PT Valbury Asia Securities, PT Valbury Capital Management dan Valbury Capital Limited adalah merek dagang terdaftar Valbury di bawah entitas yang terpisah dan badan regulator yang berbeda pada tiap-tiap negara terkait.”